Saturday, April 20, 2013

YAY! for Patriotic Pillows

My 4th of July pillows are finally done! They really don't match the sofa so I think I'll keep them on my bed. Pattern is a paper-pieced block from a quilt pattern called Morris and Company, by Moda.

I don't have a pillow form for the larger one yet, so it's filled with pajamas ;) 
The block is easier than you would guess as it's paper-peiced. The original square was only 6 in, so I blew it up on the copier to 8, then added borders to make the pillows the right size. 
I can't make a pillow cover without piping anymore, they just don't look sharp enough! These have navy, which suits me fine. 

I hand quilted the tops during General Conference, and just got around to finishing them up today, mostly because I want to start on a Christmas quilt. I hate to have unfinished projects.