Saturday, January 7, 2012

YAY! for wonky nine patch!!

This YAY! for___!! thing is going to stop working, I just know it. I'm having a hard time thinking of new ways to say "quilt"

I could see a quilt like this in my future
This week I made the real Friendship Basket pillow cover. I made a wonky nine patch (instructions here ) The finished squares are 4 1/2", but with the sashing the pillow is 16". I decided to only quilt in the sashing, because the blocks are busy enough. I really like the straight precision of the quilting with the crazy skiwampus nine-patch. 

I also really like the retro look of the fabrics and the colors are so pretty. 

In other quilting news, I got a new quilting table! I rearranged some furniture to fit a folding table in the room. I've got to get some better lighting, since I usually quilt after noon, and the room doesn't get much light after about 2pm.

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  1. Your handiwork is phenomenal! You are a very talented woman. You'd be happy to know that now that we have pillows on our couch, we actually watch movies in the living room where the tv is. We used to use a laptop in bed where it was more comfortable. Gracias!