Sunday, January 19, 2014

First Finish of 2014

Last Saturday, my sister and I went to Target and saw all the Valentine's Day decorations. I immediately wanted to make a pink sparkly quilt, so I went home and made one. I used fabric from Tailored by Annette Tatum mixed with several pink and aqua bits I had under the bed.

I backed it with pink penguin flannel and quilted it with hearts and wavy lines. It's fun and cozy.

I stopped at the library to take pictures of the quilt yesterday and finally got pictures of my Christmas quilt and Katie's 12 Days quilt.


  1. You made a whole quilt in less than a week?!

  2. I don't have a lot of things competing for my time right now, and it's pretty small, just crib size. The triangles were fast to go together as well, I just cut the pieces (which went pretty fast with the sidekick ruler) did the layout, then sewed it. No trimming, no pressing multiple steps for a block, just sew, press, sew (I pressed every seam before adding the next triangle.)